Tuesday, August 26, 2014

List of Selenium questions for freshers and exp

List of Selenium questions.

1. What is the framework used in your project?
 Is it POM, POM with page factory, Hybrid framework?

 2. What is the type of reporting used?
 Is it Log4j logging, Excel logging, XSLT reports?

 3. What is the Version control tool used?
 Is it SVN?

 4. What is the process followed?

 How testcases will be assigned b/w automation testers to automate scripts
 How they will checkin or check out projects. Will your lead review each and every script.

 5. Are you using Ant, Maven, Jenkins?
 6. Are you using AutoIT for download and upload process?
 7. Are you using parallel tests feature?
 8. What are the browsers usually tested FireFox, IE/Chrome?