Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pair, hisense google tv remote with google tv

Here are the steps that you can take t pair a remote control with the Hisense Pulse device.
Please note that the remote control D-PAD, MENU and HOME buttons will work when the remote control is not paired.
The D-PAD sends IR signals to the device when the remote is not paired.
1) Insert new batteries in the remote control.
2) Press HOME a few times to get to the home screen
3) Press MENU and select System Settings -> Network -> Bluetooth Settings
4) Scroll down to the section titled “Paired devices”
5) Select “Find nearby devices” ( A dialog with a list of Bluetooth devices is displayed).
6) Simultaneously press the red “A” button and the D-PAD “OK” button until the green light stays on.  The green light is immediately to the left of the PIP button at the top of the remote.
7) “Hisense Pulse Remote Control” should appear in the list of devices.
8) Use the D-PAD to select the remote control device (the device will now be entered in the “Paired devices” list.