Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Managing Project Team - Dos & Dont's

Project management can be roller coaster ride where you can bump on to  surprises every day and every hour of the day. And managing a team has always been a great challenge for project managers. If you have superb team such that all team members are skilled, professional, extremely committed as well as loyal then you one of the most lucky manager. But that is not a real world. You will have to work with the diverse set of people who have different skill set, different aspirations and varied level of commitments. Here are few Dos and Don’ts while dealing with your project team with a generic view.

1Ask for their opinion, make a point to make them realize that you are listening to themDon’t ignore their concerns or sideline their suggestion. If you can’t accept it, tell them what is missing and present a larger picture.
2Treat every team member professionally and with respect.Don’t be bully and order them or get angry with them.
3Appraise their good work openly and publicly. Recognize them, reward them.Don’t criticize, yell or attack them if something goes wrong or even if you don’t like something/anything about them
4Communicate clearly what is expected from them, why and when. That builds commitment and accountabilityDon’t keep them in abeyance, especially about the things pertaining to their project activities or career progression
5Give them what is promised if they deliver it properlyDon’t promise what you do not intend to deliver or put post-facto conditions
6Give them a chance, get them to meet with senior people/ customers and refer their achievements in these meetingsDon’t stop them from getting involved in extra activities in group or company. You also need to participate in such social events.
7Your project will face issues. Things may go wrong. Look for alternatives and solutions.Don’t find a scape goat or culprit. Remember, ultimately the issue is team’s responsibility, your responsibility
8Aptly use your coercive power (like leave approval, timesheet approval) to retain the sense of authority towards you.Don’t use same authoritative power just to tourture them
9Be easily approachable, responsive to your teamDon’t avoid owning responsibilities for your actions.
10Give them a smile. It doesn’t cost you.Don’t conclude things without knowing facts/details from your team

* This post been published on Zilicus Project Management Blog. It has been reproduced here with author's consent for the useful discussion and benefit of project management community.