Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcome to Android Expert Forum

Welcome to Android Expert blogs, here you can share your knowledge and learn a lots from that. Here you can get the detailed information about the Android. This site is specially design for fresher, who will get the solution by expert of a specific technology. You will learn from basic, what is Android, how to install Android, how to configure Android in eclipse, how to configure Java in eclipse, how to write program in Eclipse, for Android to high level how to connect database (sqlit3) to Android.

“Connect, learn, and share with developers and technical experts”

Want to connect with Android experts? Need to learn new best practices? Have a desire to share your expertise with the user community and be recognized as an Android expert? Now you can in Android Expert team, as a new network of technical communities on Shandilya Software Technology supporting Android Expert solutions.

We are proud to announce the launch of Android Expert forum, with Shandilya Software Technology, being the first community to launch. Here you can:

• Read perspectives from the experts in Blogs.
• Ask and respond to technical questions in product and solution Forums.
• Download projects, white paper, thesis from site free of cost
• Request enhancements to your Android product.
• Read and contribute best practices, deployment and integration scenarios, tuning tips and more in product and solution Wikis.